Becoming Registered

You need a practice permit from the ACCLXT to practice as a CLXT in the Province of Alberta. The requirements may vary depending on the register that you apply for.

Registration Types

Active Registrants

CLXT’s who meet all necessary requirements for initial registration or annual renewal of their registration.

Temporary Registrants

  • Prospective registrants who need to challenge and pass the ACCLXT Provincial Examination to complete registration requirements and obtain an Active registration and permit with the ACCLXT.
  • Students who have completed their training and have the opportunity of employment prior to challenging the ACCLXT Provincial Examination.
  • Candidates who are currently completing a mandated refresher program in order to be eligible for reinstatement into the ACCLXT.

Click here for more information on a Temporary registration and Permit with the ACCLXT.


Not practicing as a CLXT. Will not maintain contact with the College.


Associate Registrants

CLXT’s who wish to maintain contact with the ACCLXT, but who are not practicing (e.g. maternity leave/leave of absence, retired) and do not hold the title CLXT.


  • Continue to receive ACCLXT communication
  • Continue to have access to the website and database
  • Able to apply for an Active Practice Permit anytime during the permit year without being subject to reinstatement process/fees

Student Registrants

Students enrolled in the Combined Laboratory and X-Ray program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Nait) or Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SPT) may choose to seek registration with the ACCLXT under a Student Membership. There are many benefits available to a Student Membership which will be provided to the student throughout the duration of their training program. The Student Membership category is required as established in the College Bylaws. Student registrations begun in fall of 2018.


  • Free
  • Easy access to exam application
  • Attend ACCLXT Educational Conference
  • Access to website
  • Quarterly Newsletter

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Contact the College at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on how to become registered.