File a Conduct Complaint

Complaints about a CLXT's conduct can be made by:

  • patients
  • patient family members
  • employers
  • other CLXT's
  • co-workers
  • members of the public.

The complaint management process may take several months depending on the complexity and severity of the complaint. Often the quickest way to resolve an issue is to discuss your concerns directly with the CLXT, their supervisor or other health-care providers at the facility first.

We can only investigate complaints related to the professional conduct of individual CLXT's. We cannot address concerns regarding another regulated health professional, employers, labour relations issues or compensation issues. 

Before submitting a complaint, one may find it helpful to review the ACCLXT Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to assist in determining if what the CLXT did was unsafe and/or unethical. Once your complaint is submitted to the ACCLXT, a copy of your submission will be sent to the CLXT you have identified. Your contact information will not be shared. If your complaint involves more than one CLXT, you will need to complete a separate complaint form for each CLXT. Please all listed information as well as a signature, must be completed or your complaint may not be processed.

Complaints must be submitted to the Complaints Director in writing. Written complaints must include the following:

  • The name of the registrant (or former registrant) involved;
  • A detailed description of the key facts and events that occurred, including dates, times, location;
  • Any other information/documents that support the allegations being made; and
  • The name, signature and contact information ( including current phone number and email address) of the person filing the complaint.

Your complaint can we be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mailed attention Complaints Director to: 


2004 Sherwood Dr

Sherwood Park, AB

T8A 0Z1