President's Pen February 2018

At our last Council meeting Council had a lengthy discussion regarding leaves and the proration of registration fees. A total of 20 other Regulatory Colleges were surveyed to assist Council to make a well-informed decision. Out of these, 85% prorate annual registration fees if re-entering practice after the renewal period; this is in line with the ACCLXT’s policy of prorating fees after November 1st when returning to work. Only 25% of the Colleges surveyed offer refunds of annual registration fees if a registrant leaves practice after the annual renewal period. Of the Colleges that are similar in size and in cost of registration, none of them offer refunds when a leave begins after the renewal period.

Prorating fees is not as simple as dividing $700 by 12 months and calculating the number of months you will be working. The main issue being that $100 of the fee is applied to your liability insurance and the insurance company does not prorate. It is also important to note that if a complaint is received while you are on leave and you have not paid for insurance, you are not covered by the insurance company, even if you were insured at the time of the incident.

The College operates on a budget that is based on $600 annual registrant fees. This budget includes operational costs such as office space rent and equipment, salaries of staff members, and contributing to the liability fund that the ACCLXT has set up in the event of a serious complaint made against a registrant. It is impossible to budget for leaves; there is no way to forecast how many techs will be off work in a given year and for how long. To ensure that the College has the funds to operate, if refunds after renewals were offered, registration fees would have to increase for all registrants to cover the decrease in fees paid by those on leaves. Council will not impose a fee increase for this and therefore will keep the policy of not issuing refunds if a registrant leaves practice after the annual renewal period.

As Council appreciates that there is inequity in only offering proration upon return to work, we are asking for feedback on whether to keep the current policy or to remove all prorations. Click here to complete the short survey.