Competency Corner February 2018

2018 Continuing Competency Reminders

If you hold an Active registration at any point during the registration year, you are required to complete competency. If you have been on a leave or will be taking a leave, ensure that you are up to date on your educational requirements.

2017/18 Learning Plan Competency Completion

A total of at least 9 credits must be completed in your Learning Plan. Three of these credits must be from Bands D, L or M. You will enter your Activities, provide the date completed, upload any relevant documents and provide your detailed summary of learning. This will complete the Activity and once your credit requirements have been met you can move on to the next step in the renewal process.

2018/19 Self-Assessment (SA)

A self assessment is a process by which you review the ACCLXT Competency Profile and/or the ACCLXT Standards of Practice to help you recognize and select your desired learning goals.

Annually, prior to registration renewal (ideally starting Dec 1), some questions to ask while working on your Self Assessment:

  • Does this area apply to my current practice?
  • Can I practice in this area safely with the knowledge I have?
  • Am I new to this area?
  • Would I like to enhance my knowledge in this area?
  • Could I improve my practice by increasing my knowledge/skills in this area?
  • Do I excel in this area and could I mentor others?

There is an optional Self Assessment tool (only applicable when using the Competency Profile) to self reflect and evaluate yourself as you move into a new registration year. Below are the links to the form(s).

 Self Assessment Fillable Form

 Self Assessment Non Fillable form

2018/19 Learning Plan

Upon completion of your Self Assessment, you take all that information and select your desired Learning Goals. These goals help to complete your overall Learning Plan. 

You will create your Learning Plan in the MyACCLXT database prior to renewing your Active permit and enter your Activities totaling a minimum of 9 credits, with 3 credits from Bands D, L or M.

The Continuing Competency Guide outlines the Activities that can be used, how many credits associated with each activity and what documentation is required.

If there is an error in the completion or creation of your upcoming years Learning Plan, the system will not allow you to proceed with your renewal until the errors have been corrected. 

Hours Verification

Hours worked are required for registration. A minimum of 750 hours within a 3 year period is required. You need to have these calculated prior for registration – remember that the hours align with the Learning Plan year:  Feb 1 – Jan 31.

There is an Hours Verification Form in the Key College Documents and Forms section of the website – this needs to be completed and signed by your employer. This will be the number of hours that you enter into your employer section at registration renewal time. You are not required to submit the hours verification form to the College, however, your must keep it with your records in the case that you are audited.

New Graduates

There are 4 mandatory quizzes to be completed in your first Learning Plan year – certificates must printed and uploaded into your Learning Plan as proof of completion. Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, CLXT Profession Regulation and Health Professions Act are the 4 quizzes, they can be found in Practice Resources - Test and Quiz Center of the ACCLXT website (CLXT Registrants area). Enter these into your Learning Plan as two Activities, each set is worth 1 credit.